Friday, July 29, 2011

Scenic Tour east of Munising

Next we took the scenic tour east of Munising. Our first stop was Munising Falls where an easy trail takes you to the falls.

Great beaches was not something that we expected in the UP. We knew about the lighthouses, waterfalls, and Pictured Rocks but we never expected to find one of the top beaches in America per the Weather Channel, Sand Point Beach. The sand is so fine here it is unbelievable. With more time in the area on our next visit we plan to bring our chairs and a picnic lunch and just enjoy the view.

Miner's Falls was a little more challenging than Munising Falls. There was almost a mile long trail that leads you to a platform where you can get a glimpse of the falls. To fully appreciate the falls though there are wooden steps, 77 in total, that take you to a better viewing area.

With all the great scenery that we have had until now the best was yet to come. The Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has to be one of the most scenic areas that we have visited. After Miner's Falls we drove to the Miner's Castle overlook. Miner's Castle is not a castle but an interesting rock formation in the Pictured Rocks area. What amazed us was the many shades of colors in the water and rocks and how clear the water was. It looked like an artist ran a brush with blues, greens, and other colors across the water. Pictures just do not do justice to the beauty that we saw.

We are doing more hiking this week than we have done in a very long time. A trail leads from the overlook to just above Miner's Castle. We took this photo at the platform directly above. The shades of blue and green are amazing in this photo.

This is an area we will visit again for the scenery and the good food. We wanted to do a cruise where you can get a better view of the Pictured Rocks from the water but the wind kicked up and it started to rain on the day we had planned so we will do that and revisit some of the scenic areas again on our next visit.

Many more very scenic pictures have been uploaded to the Munising set on

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  1. We took the boat tour of the picture rocks park, it was fantastic. Thanks for the revisit.