Saturday, April 8, 2017


Currently in Roswell NM (Low 48 Mostly Sunny High 92) 

Yesterday we toured the International UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell New Mexico. We got this photo from the web.

This museum is one that requires a lot of reading and there are a lot of displays.

You are greeted by a re-creation of the alleged 1947 crash site near Roswell.

Then it's a lot of reading. There were some photo opportunities, here is Bob about to be abducted.

A scene recreated from the movie, "Roswell", the alien autopsy.

Bob telling Gort "Klaatu Barada Nikto".

Additionally the streetlights look like alien heads but we never got a good shot of them. We did get a good shot of the flying saucer McDonalds.

It was really neat to see all of the unexplained sightings in one place, if not overwhelming. Bob is like Agent Mulder of "X-Files" who wants to believe. Something happened near Roswell in 1947 and although Bob cannot say for certain it was an alien spacecraft crash, but whatever it was there probably was a coverup and a lot of misinformation as it was originally reported a flying saucer crash. There are a lot of planets in the universe, if only a small percentage supported life, there are a lot of planets that could be ahead of us technology wise. They might be interested in seeing what is going on here. Bob feels there we might have been visited but wishes there was undeniable proof. 

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Bob and Jo


  1. I told you there was a ton of reading. Did you take note of the street lights? We are not naive enough to think that we might be the only living creatures in this solar system.

  2. Definitely lots of reading. Even I didn't get it all read. But I agree. Something happened out there.