Monday, April 3, 2017


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 45 Sunny Currently 55) 
Currently in Location (Currently 54 Sunny and Warmer High 81) 

We extended our stay in San Angelo Texas one day because of the weather. We had heavy rain but within 50 miles there was dangerous thunderstorms and a tornado or two. It is time to head further west to get out of tornado country.

We didn't do much while here but we did experience Lobsterfest at Red Lobster and Jo got a haircut and color. She went in for a brunette with highlights but came out blonder and more brassy than she wanted. The perils of getting a haircut/color on the road. It wasn't cheap to come out looking like a brassy blonde either. While Jo was getting a haircut Bob got new tires for the truck at Discount Tire. An expensive day for sure. The rest of our stay it rained and Jo was feeling a little under the weather anyway.

GPS took us right to the San Angelo KOA. The interior roads and sites were gravel. We were in a long pullthru and the hookups were convenient with two sewer connections depending on which end of the site you chose. We had a satellite friendly site with a nice patio. Although KOAs are more expensive than most parks we have started staying more and more. Site unseen you can generally count on a KOA as a good park because sometimes we have been fooled by the website and reviews of other parks and haven't enjoyed our stay. We would stay at this KOA again as there is a lot to do in San Angelo if we came back again.

Here is the site from the front.

The patio by the front door was nice. 

To the right.

To the left, we were on the end of the big rig pullthru section. 

From the rear. 

It was a short stay but we would stay here again if we pass this way again.

We leave today for Midland Texas where we hope to do some sightseeing as it looks like the weather will cooperate.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Stay away from those tornadoes. Haircuts are definitely a crap shoot on the road.

  2. Oh how I can relate to Jo and the hair color. I finally said...forget it! I asked the gal that does my hair back in Ohio if she could get me what she uses on me. She isn't suppose to but she did. I am now can at least do the roots I can see with the correct color.