Friday, April 7, 2017


Currently in Roswell NM (Low 46 Mostly Sunny and Very Warm High 88) 

Subtitled: Thank Goodness for Gorilla Tape

After a great stay in Midland Texas we departed yesterday for Roswell New Mexico. We are camping at Bottomless Lakes State Park.

It was approximately 200 miles, this is the route we took. We crossed into Mountain Time during the trip.

Thank goodness for Gorilla Tape. At one of our leg stretching breaks Jo noticed something hanging from the underbelly. The two piece hard shelled underbelly in the holding tanks area had come apart and there was insulation showing. Bob crawled underneath to tape it with Gorilla Tape as a temporary fix. He plans to research it further when we get to Albuquerque.

Bottomless Lakes State Park is in the middle of nowhere but we have fairly good Verizon 4g and phone signals. Here is the view from our rear window.

Neat reflection of Lea Lake.

Our first sunset.

While here we plan to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center. There is no disputing that something happened near Roswell in 1947. What actually happened has been debated since then. We plan to dig into it and report back our findings.

We want to believe!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. That's where I figured we'd stay when we get there. Looks beautiful. You can take a UFO tour for about $100 each. Just sayin'.

  2. Oh boy are you two in for a treat at the Museum. Be ready to read. Be sure to check out the street lights. They are a hoot. Enjoy.

  3. My wife's 90 year young aunt has lived in Roswell for 25 years since she retired from Los Alamos. She is a believer.
    Whenever we visit her we go to her favorite restaurant. Popo's at 222 E. McCaffrey. Nothing to look at but pretty good Mexican food. Meat stuffed sopapilla are my favorite.