Saturday, September 17, 2016


Currently in Claremore OK (Low 68 Clearing After Storms High 86) 

After a jam packed two weeks in the Kansas City area visiting friends and family we departed yesterday and headed to Claremore Oklahoma northeast of Tulsa. So for the next few days we are living on "Tulsa Time". We are staying at the Will Rogers Downs KOA.

It was approximately 220 miles, this is the route we took.

But it was not uneventful trip that is for sure. Bob had purchased an Edge Evolution Diesel Programmer which ran great for awhile but then we had a great loss of power. We pulled off to the side and Bob switched back to the original programming. This worked again for a few miles but then about 2 miles from the park it happened again so we pulled off to the side of the road once more. A very nice Oklahoma State Trooper stopped and made sure we were OK.

While on the phone with Good Sam Emergency Roadside Assistance Bob had the idea to turn the ignition on and off a few times to hopefully achieve a reset. Since we were still on the phone we decided to give it a try and it worked because we were able to get to the KOA with no further problems.

During check-in Bob mentioned the problems we were having and as luck would have it the husband of the gal who checked us in was a mechanic at a shop that specialized in diesels and diagnosed problems for free. So we unhooked and Bob headed off to the auto shop. The mechanic put the monitor on and found no problems. We then went for about a 10 mile test drive and he monitored all the parameters and everything checked out. Since there was nothing to fix there was no charge. But we'd like to give Fatt Daddy's Auto Repair a shout out. Since it was a semi emergency they worked us in right away, were very knowledgeable and friendly. If you have problems with your truck in Claremore Oklahoma, near Tulsa, we recommend these guys. 

After that excitement we are probably just going to kick back and relax a little, catch up on laundry, generally try to recharge after being on the go so much the last two weeks. There is a Will Rogers Memorial Museum we are thinking about going to today.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Wow. That was really nice of them to check out the truck. Hope all your problems are fixed. Enjoy some R & R.

  2. Stupid trucks. And then when they need to act up they don't. Just hope it stays that way now. We had to get a new hydro booster brake thingie while we were in Billings. Always something. Be safe out there.