Monday, September 26, 2016


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 50 Partly Cloudy High 68) 

We did what is affectionately called 'moochdocking' at a friends place in Albuquerque yesterday. They had a 30amp power cord that we ran so that we could run our air conditioners and we used the onboard water and the water pump. Here we are parked in front of their house, Camp TC.

If you look closely in the above picture you will see Sandra looking out. Here it is up close.

Camp TC was an excellent time. Not only were we only about 5 miles from the Balloon Fiesta but they had set a recording for the Chiefs game in case we were late. During the game we got served queso and salsa and chips. We brought some beer from Wisconsin and they had some local beer. Following the game they combined to whip up an incredible smoked chicken green chile stew. They said they wanted our first meal in Albuquerque to have green chile. All the while we had a great time.

This allowed us to get a real good shot at getting a good spot in the President's Campground at Balloon Fiesta Park. The festivities don't begin until Saturday so we plan to take advantage of the less traffic and do some sightseeing, OK mostly eating out, but that's sightseeing isn't it? 

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. Now those are some good friends.
    Enjoy your sightseeing. We really enjoy that area.