Thursday, September 29, 2016


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 53 Partly Sunny High 82) 

After the very excellent smoked chicken green chile stew at Camp TC we continued our green chile adventure. After we got setup Monday at the Balloon Fiesta Bob drove to Sadie's and got the Roberto's Special. The queso, beans and papitas are amazing.

Tuesday was a shopping day but we had to fortify ourselves with a good brunch. After a search of Yelp and other sources we decided on Vic's Daily Cafe and we are so glad that we did. Bob got a Navajo huevos rancheros with was hashbrowns, whole beans, cheese, eggs, and green chile on Navajo frybread.

Jo got the Athenean omelet which was a spinach, feta, and olives in an omelet. Both meals were excellent and we are already thinking about when can we eat here again.

After lunch we shopped at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club. We figure once the Balloon Fiesta begins we will just eat leftovers and out of the refrigerator and freezer. Hopefully the only time we drive out of here after Saturday will be on the way to the RV park just north of here.

Since it is pumpkin season our pumpkin radar is on maximum. We found a Captain Morgan's pumpkin spice rum, Lindt Lindor pumpkin spice candies and pumpkin seeds.

After that we stopped and got another dozen of Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice donuts.

Looks like we picked a bad time to go on a diet :-)

We continue the view of the launch field as the Balloon Fiesta draws closer, this is from Wednesday afternoon. Still not much activity but there are a lot of golf carts lined up in the first photo that weren't there yesterday.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo.


  1. Pumpkin, pumpkin every where. A good pumpkin pie once a year works for me. With lots of Cool Whip on top. I love seeing your pictures as the crowd continues to grow. Should start really hopping in a day or two.