Sunday, May 1, 2016


Currently in Albuquerque NM (Low 36 Cloudy and Windy High 51)

The approaching storm provided some interesting photos from the truck after we had gone to Mass and then picked up our takeout from Sadie's.

There was a lot of wind overnight and some rain. The cold front really brought in the wind. The forecast and warnings called for wind with gusts up to 75 mph. This is one of the times when living fulltime in an RV can be challenging. Bob put everything away outside yesterday and before we went to bed he put the batwing TV antenna and the DirecTV dish down.

This is the most wind we have seen in our 6 and a half years of living fulltime in our RV. Although we rocked pretty good a few times we were remarkably stable with that amount of wind. Bob did a walkaround this morning and everything looked OK outside although with temperatures and winds both in the 30s it was a little chilly. One thing that happened during this weather event is that we had our fantastic fan on high, we have vent covers so we can run the fans, but the wind was so strong that you could feel a breeze coming into the RV instead of going out.

Always an adventure that is for sure. We 'plan' on heading to Tucumcari New Mexico tomorrow.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Whenever we hear that winds are going to blow harder than 30 MPH, we bring in the slides. It's not so much that we fear the slides are going to blow out, but we worry about the slide-topper material being ripped. We have not (that we know of) experienced 75 yet, but we've only been full-timing 2+ years. Glad that you and your rig came through intact!

  2. Wind used to really freak me out but I've learned to deal with it pretty good. We've had 70 mph but I sure don't want to do more than that. Safe windless travels.

  3. Wow glad you guys are ok. That's a lot of wind, more then we want to see, or feel. Keep an eye on the weather and travel safe.

  4. When we were at the Q in 2010, the winds got up to 60 mph. That was terrible. It is nothing to mess with when you are in an RV.