Monday, May 23, 2016


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We enjoy going to movies and really like the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Marvel Studios. The latest installment is 'Captain America: Civil War'.

After the disaster in Sokovia in the 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' there was some clamoring to control the Avengers. The 'Sokovia Accord' would put the Avengers under the control of a committee setup by the United Nations. This divides the Avengers into two camps. Team Iron Man feels that the Avengers should be controlled while Team Captain America feels that they should control their own destiny. We are solidly on Team Captain America.

There are characters changing sides and new characters introduced. Of course there is a lot of action. We like all the characters and enjoyed this movie and recommend it. As we have mentioned before Bob read and liked DC Comics more than Marvel growing up but the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies are better than the DC films and the Marvel films produced by Sony and Fox (X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spiderman, etc.). We also like the tie-ins with the television series 'Marvels Agents of Shield' where the line, "a billionaire can build a suit and the government can make a super soldier but they end up fighting" really describes the movie.

We have explained the back story of Marvel characters and their movies being produced by multiple studios in a past blog. Things have changed a little since that post as some of the Sony and Fox characters will be in future Marvel Studios movies. In fact look for one of those characters in this movie. Plus there are rumors of more to come in the future. Upcoming movies include 'Dr. Strange' later this year that has a tie-in with the television series 'Marvels Agent Carter'. There are three new movies next year.

Exciting time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for sure.

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Bob and Jo

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  1. Loved this movie. I thought it had some hilarious parts and my friend Susan and I were laughing a lot. I am also on team Captain America. My favorite new character is the Black Panther.

    Did you hear "Agent Carter" TV show has been cancelled. We enjoyed watching that.