Thursday, September 4, 2014


Currently in Lewistown MT (Low 43 Sunshine Currently 46)
Heading to Billings MT (Currently 54 Mostly Sunny High 68) 

We have a test drive today to Billings of 128 miles to test out a new pigtail from the Cameo. It was quite an adventure . With more troubleshooting we now know that the outlet in the truck bed is suspect and we will use the Ford supplied bumper outlet for awhile. The pigtail plug we were using was also found to be beyond repair.

The only RV parts store in town was surprisingly out of the pigtails and referred me to Napa Auto Parts who had the plug and the cable but it was not assembled. After it was assembled the mechanic came and put on the new pigtail. All testing short of hooking up and driving indicated a solid connection in the bumper outlet.

By then it was too late to head out yesterday so Lord willing, the slideout comes in AND no more 'fault in trailer wiring' messages we are heading to Billings today.

Why is the last thing you do inside and one of the last things you do before you leave have the problems? Earlier detection and we would not spend all the time getting ready just to immediately undo it.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Fingers, toes, and everything else crossed that all goes well. We spent several hours yesterday at a Chevy dealership in Spearfish getting a fuel filter changed. Now we have wind and more wind so we're sitting still for another night. Well, rockin' and rollin' but not out on the road.

  2. We passed Spearfish today...! WIND, WIND! We stopped at the Information Center in Wyoming to relax and re-group....! We have made it to's hoping you have a successful, TROUBLE FREE trip to Billings!