Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Currently in Great Falls MT (Low 46 Periods of Sun High 77) 
Heading to Billings MT (Currently 62 Sunny High 82)

The slideouts came in yesterday just fine, we did our walkaround the site after hooking up and the flashers were working on the Cameo. We did our brake and hitch connection test before we left and then we get a "Fault in Trailer Wiring" notice and no trailer brakes. Since yesterday was Labor Day nobody was open for service so we headed back to our site. The cats were sure confused on such a short travel day.

After lunch Bob did some troubleshooting and internet research. Since it involves sparky stuff and he is a gear head he maybe isn't too sure about the results but he thinks it is the power cord from the Cameo. Bob called repair places this morning and found one that could work on it this afternoon. He drove the Ford there this morning and they tested the plugs on the truck and both of those were working so they can concentrate on the Cameo this afternoon. We will take the Cameo in tow there and if they figure it out quickly we will head to Billings. If not we will spend another night in Great Falls.

We will keep you posted. Thought I would share the cats photo again. We are always trying to get a photo of all three but invariably one moves or jumps out of the frame. This one is one for the ages.

So Lord willing, the slideout comes in AND the trailer wiring issue is resolved, we will be leaving for Billings late afternoon arriving while there is still light.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Oh, I want to visit your kitties. So beautiful! I know what you mean about catching a batch (clowder or glaring) of cats. The more cats, the less likely it will happen. [Don't you just love a "glaring" of cats? So descriptive.]

  2. Hope you are on the road and safely at your next stop.

    Love the cats!!!

  3. The cats are gorgeous!!! Where do they ride when traveling? Our Bella rides with us in the truck, but she is not a happy kitty. She liked the MH better.....she could go under the couch.

  4. Is it fixed? Those checks always so important--usually a "go"....better safe! Trust all is going well! Love the pic w/ all 3 cats!