Friday, September 5, 2014


Currently in Billings MT (Low 42 Sunny High 74)

We got only 32 miles this time before the 'Fault in Trailer Wiring' message. We had thought this might happen, Jo's intuition again, so we talked with the shops and mechanics in Lewistown before we left who all agreed that although not recommended we could drive to Billings from Lewistown without brakes, we would just have to be extremely careful. So we decided to drive the remainder of the trip, 96 miles, without brakes. We allowed more stopping distance, used the flashers when needed and the transmission to slow us down. We got to Billings safely and surprisingly there were no close calls.

We are going to try and handle this first with a mobile RV service if we can. The best guy is also the busiest guy and he is going to try and work us in. We should find out today when he can be here. We are paid up to Monday, when we planned to leave Billings, what happens Monday is anybody's guess.

Not to say we are becoming discouraged but every 5th wheel we meet on the road we offer to trade, so far no takers. This lifestyle is great most of the time but when dealing with getting service in the middle of nowhere it is not so great.

Every morning when Bob goes for his walk there is a 'For Sale' sign on the Cameo, not sure who is putting it there but it is up to date as this mornings sign said 'For Sale - Reduced No Brakes'.

We'll keep you posted, here we are in happier times at Yosemite earlier this year.

Bob and Jo


  1. We sure hope you get this issue addressed and done for.

    Billings is a very nice place to spend a few days.

  2. Those cats....! Who do you suppose is the ring leader among them...?!!! But, no, it couldn't the them! They love their home!!! Hang in there, guys! This, too, has GOT to pass! Here's hoping all goes well!!!

  3. Hope the mobile RV teck guy can figure out the problem. Good luck with the sale!

  4. If you think 5th wheels have their problems, try a 40' diesel pusher with 4 slides sometime! LOL Keep your chin-up. They all have problems, believe me! I think one of the keys is learning how to deal with and repair the small items leaving major problems to the techs. Much like a sticks & bricks. That's one of the reasons I went from a MH to a 5th wheel....too many systems to keep track of in a MH.

    Good luck and hang in there!

  5. Good luck chasing this gremlin down. We now have moved east of you -- Medora, ND.