Sunday, March 24, 2013

Maybe Next Year We Get The Breaks

Peculiar MO (Low 25 Foot of Snow on Ground High 35)

We are hoping that maybe next year we will get the breaks, both from a basketball refereeing perspective and weather. Weather wise we have another foot of snow on the ground, that is three times in three weeks where it has snowed a foot. Here are a couple of views.


This one in late March makes us wonder if we will be able to leave in early April. Next winter we plan to be in Goodyear Arizona so maybe we catch a weather break

Now we just have to catch a refereeing break for Bob's Iowa State Cyclones which consistently have been on the wrong side of bad calls this season, the latest was the charging foul on Iowa State in the NCAA tourney today that should have been a blocking foul against Ohio State wiping out a made basket and a free throw to possibly go up 4 late in the game. Nothing against Ohio State which is a great team and not to say that it decided the game because there was time left on the clock, and we know that refereeing is a tough job, but why are the Cyclones always on the wrong side of these calls? One incident that did decide a game was the game against Kansas in Ames where a charging foul against KU should have been called in a game with Iowa State in the lead by two. Then a shoving call underneath by a player that already had fouled out but was still in the game was not called but a touch foul with two guys on the floor is called against Iowa State. It was so bad that the Big12 Office sent a letter acknowledging the many mistakes. Sad but true but that was the second letter, the first being after the Oklahoma State game and another set of bad calls costing another potential victory. Maybe next year we will be on the other side of the bad calls, even better maybe no bad calls. We should be talking about a great NCAA basketball game between the state schools from Iowa and Ohio instead of the refereeing.

Bob has been holed up watching all the March Madness games. The new Genie DVR has worked out real good. We didn't have to worry about programming the 2nd DVR beforehand, all of her programs were already available. With 12 hours a day Thursday-Sunday of basketballs games she did have to add more programs to watch.

We'll end with a cute photo, we bought the birdola, basically a corn cake on a bungee for the squirrel to keep it away from our feeders. It took awhile but they finally found it.


Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We don't have a foot of snow but several inches and still coming down like crazy. The good thing IU won! Guess today can't be all bad...

  2. That snow is just depressing and I am so sorry you are stuck there. Next year is going to be so much better for you.

  3. Oh my, I'm so sorry you are having to deal with all that snow! Hope you stay nice and warm at least.

  4. I was proud of our Buckeyes but also disappointed. How a team lets a big lead go down the thine is beyond my understanding. Believe me, I am not taking anything away from your team. They played awesome. We enjoy good games and that was one of the best.

    Maybe next year we will makexlevand Indian fans out of you two. They have spring training in Goodyear.

  5. All that snow and a motorhome in the middle just looks wrong:(

  6. All that snow and a motorhome in the picture just looks wrong:(