Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Netflix Milestone reached

Peculiar MO (Low 25 Mostly Sunny High 36)

We recently passed a significant Netflix milestone, we have rated over 1,000 entries of the Netflix library. Starting with "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" in April 2004 we have rented and returned almost 500 movies and TV shows. There are currently 336 in our queue with another 8 in the saved area waiting to be released. A great way to spend the cold winter days is to watch something from the Netflix envelope.

Speaking of cold winter days the second snow storm dumped almost a foot of snow bringing the 5 day total to almost 2 feet. It has warmed up and the snow is starting to melt so all we have now is either snow or mud. We cannot wait to get out of here and for spring to be sprung.

One of the few bright spots has been our backyard bird cafe. We recently added a "Birdola", which is a big cake that hangs on a bungee cord and is supposed to keep the squirrels away from the cafe. The birds liked the first one and the squirrel couldn't be bothered since he likes the woodpecker cage showing here.

One thing that has worked is a bag of stuff to throw on the ground, the squirrel likes this.

Of course JJ likes to keep track of everything, here he is right up to the window with a Junco on the other side on the ladder.

We have been lax in our reading of blogs and blogging, hopefully when we get back into moving and sightseeing mode that will improve.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. You two are serious movie watchers. We rarely see a movie. Since we have been married, 30 years, Paul has been in a movie theater twice...once to see sleeping beauty and once with me...I forget the movie. Must have been a great

  2. Wow, you must like a whole lot more kinds of movies than I do. There are only 18 in my Q, and that was stretching it for me.

  3. We really enjoy watching our birds, we have no squirrels on our feeder so I guess we should consider ourselves lucky?

  4. I think we might make it thru this winter also.

  5. I love movies. Have 296 in my Netflix queue.

    Your JJ looks adorable. Is he is lynx point Siamese?