Thursday, April 18, 2013

In a Blogging Funk (and an update on our plans)

Peculiar MO (Low 30 Mostly Cloudy, Windy, Colder High 45)

We cannot believe we have not blogged in such a long time. We are in a blogging funk that is for sure, both reading (about a week behind) and writing.

Yes we are still in the Kansas City area which contributes to our funk, seems like every time we thought about leaving it would freeze again. We are winterized outdoors with heat tape on the water hose and sewer hose that we don't want to tear that down until we are reasonably sure we won't have another batch of freezing weather.

Also contributing to the funk has been all of our Canadian friends that we follow their blogs are either on the way home or already have made it. We were here when they left Canada for warmer climates and to think we are still here when they got back is discouraging. The weather has been an issue for them also as a number of them are dealing with a snowstorm or ice storm after they got back. It has been a crazy winter for all and we hope everybody has safe travels.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. We have a couple of doctor's appointments this week and are paid up at the park until April 25th so that is our new departure date to central Iowa, probably Plan ZZZ by this time :-)

We will spend some time in Iowa working our way up to Houghton Michigan where we will spend the summer, May 30 - August 31.

We hope to do more blogging as we prepare to leave and then be more regular once we hit the road again. In the mean time here is a photo of one of our 1 foot snow storms that we dealt with this winter.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I totally understand the blogging funk. When you're just sitting still doing the doctor thing, what in the world are you supposed to write about. Been there still doing it most of the time. I have everything crossed that on April 25 you are out of there.

  2. I picture makes me shivery.

    We will be in the Blog-funk world now that we are back in Ohio and in our house. We plan only to blog when we have something to say or show.

    We are still following you...funk or not.

  3. I was wondering if you were still in Peculiar, as I will be passing that way in 10-14 days heading for Minnesota. They still have 17" of snow on the ground! Looks like I'll just miss you??