Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On our way back to the KC area - in Amarillo TX

There was a forecast of high winds for the Amarillo area tomorrow so we decided to leave from Santa Rosa NM this morning. If you have ever been to Amarillo or New Mexico for that matter you know you will be dealing with winds so when they say it is high winds you pay attention. When the gusts get close to 50 mph we get a little nervous and plan accordingly.

Bob did our checklist of departure tasks for the outside tasks yesterday. We did our inside departure tasks this morning and hooked up the truck and journeyed a short trip of 160 miles. We also had a one hour time change from Mountain to Central time so that is why we went with such a short leg today. We pulled into the Oasis RV Resort just west of Amarillo a little bit before Noon our time and set up the condo on wheels for a couple of days stay. We have stayed at Oasis before and after the gravel sites and roads in New Mexico we really appreciate the asphalt streets and concrete pads. What is not asphalt nor concrete is landscaping rock so the dust is minimal. Oasis has a buy 2 nights get 1 free rate so for $48 you can stay 3 nights with 50a full hookups with cable and wi-fi. The last part of our arrival tasks Bob just did; updating current location and current trip on the blog and our current location for which will place a phone call in call of bad weather. Being in tornado alley this is comforting to know that we will get a phone call when the weather turns bad. We tried a weather radio but got tired of getting woken up with a warning for 'Whoknows' county. The phone calls from are targeted to you exact physical address.

Based on the threat of thunderstorms in Oklahoma we will probably only stay a couple of nights.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. thanks for the tip on - will check them out...