Sunday, August 19, 2018


Currently in Houghton MI (Low 59 Times of Sun and Clouds High 81) 

Long time readers will remember that the Upper Peninsula of Michigan does birthdays very well with a lot of places offering a free meal on your birthday with proper ID. There have been only a couple of places to get breakfast and one of those no longer offers the free meals and the other one only has breakfast on Sundays.

Since Bob's birthday this year was on a Saturday we had an early lunch, then a lupper mid afternoon and finally a late supper. We were joined by our good friends visiting from Missouri who wanted to see first hand 'a whole lotta eatin' goin on'. Lunch was at the Loading Zone II in nearby Lake Linden Michigan. 

For his free meal, showing here, Bob had a 1/2 rack of very good ribs, a baked potato, and a can of Diet Mountain Dew.  

Also included was a salad and a cookie. We walked around a farmers market in Lake Linden then went back to the park to rest. While there we saw the Ranger heading to the Lift Bridge out our back window.

Lupper was at the Waterfront Restaurant in the Ramada across the river from Houghton in Hancock Michigan.

For his free meal Bob got chicken florentine (grilled chicken covered in cheese with spinach and a marina sauce over linguine) with salad and a diet coke.

We then back to the park to rest again between meals. By now beached whale syndrome is starting to set in but we forged onward to a late supper at Gemignani's also in Hancock Michigan.

For his last free meal of the day Bob got smoked salmon linguine and tomato basil soup.

On the way back to the park a float plane that had just landed on the river and was headed to the Lift Bridge.

Thankfully we didn't eat all of every meal but brought a lot of leftovers home to enjoy later. There isn't a lot of chain restaurants in the area so Bob missed out on a number of birthday offers but this extravaganza more than made up for it.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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