Saturday, August 25, 2018


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On our travels this year so far we recently found some more of our favorite things, food by item. When we add the item we are also adding the restaurant list in our favorite things by city and state. Both lists are available on the left column on our blog.

We start out with 'The Keg Chicken' in Sioux Falls SD since it has added 2 items to our list; fried chicken and the most unique baked beans we have ever had. The baked beans are navy beans with a brown sugar sauce and are incredible.

Not to be outdone 'Wendt's on the Lake' in Van Dyne WI also adds 2 items to our list; fried lake perch and fried smelt.

Also not to be outdone 'Serving Spoon' in Menominee MI adds 2 sweet items to our list; caramel apple pie and lemon meringue pie (to us more of a Key Lemon pie with a thin topping of meringue).

Finally, 'Star Family Restaurant' in Murdo SD for the best rhubarb pie.

While in Colorado City we had the best blueberry pie we have ever had at Three Sisters Tavern. We guess this has been the year of the pie.

We just had the best wild blueberry pie that we got at a farmers market in Lake Linden Michigan so truly the year of the pie.

As we add restaurants to either list we will periodically let you know, but you can always check the blog for the most up to date lists.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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