Saturday, November 26, 2016


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 50 Nice with Variable Clouds High 75) 

We are on a quest to find the perfect bed. When we got the Cameo it was a very cheap mattress which we replaced fairly quickly with a Tempurpedic. This was not ideal since when it got cold it got fairly rigid making it difficult to change positions. We like to sleep in a cool environment so the quest continued.

When we got the Lifestyle it had a fairly highly rated Black Label mattress. This did not work for Jo's back so we thought a memory foam pad might work thinking since there was less memory foam than the Tempurpedic that it might work out but we had the same problems. So the quest continued.

We did some research and talked with friends and decided to get a Sleep Number king bed, the R5, specifically adapted for RVs. UPS delivered it yesterday and we began the setup. At first we were very confused. The air chambers had a sticker that said California King and the foam layer had a sticker that said Eastern King. Since these are three different sizes (King, California King and Eastern King) Bob called Sleep Number. Turns out they don't have labels specifically for the R5 so the labeling system kicks out the closest name to the size of the piece. Here is where it gets real strange. Although the label said California King for instance, the barcode was for the air chambers for the R5. Luckily they packed the correct barcoded items and we were good to go for setup.

Here is our new Sleep Number bed with the air chambers filling up for the first time.

After the air chambers filled up we added the foam layer and the cover and we were good to go.

Now what to do with the old mattress and pad until we can get them picked up for donation next week, very challenging in an RV. We did not want to put them outside since there is a threat of rain over the weekend. We placed the mattress in the main living area and leaned it up against the island. Wasn't too long and we had our first ascent to the top. Here is Sandra, queen of the world.

Sandra really enjoyed herself running back and forth, so much we were worried she might fall off.

JJ also had to get into the act.

We cannot wait until the truck comes next week. 

Our review after 1 night is fairly positive. We think we had less back pain and changing positions was a lot easier than with the old memory foam pad. It will take us awhile to get used to it though. One added bonus is that the Sleep Number R5 is lighter than the old mattress/pad combo. The lifters on the bed would not hold the mattress/pad combo up and Bob was contemplating buying better ones. The lifters work just fine on the new mattress.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I have only heard positive comments about that mattress.
    Aren't cats just the cutest dang things.

  2. We had one for six years in our last motorhome. It was great. Only problem was the control lighting failed twice.

  3. Always wanted a sleep number bed! Looks incredibly comfortable, thanks for the share!

  4. Hello! We have just stumbled upon your blog after researching why our new sleep number had labels different than what we ordered. Can you tell me about the foam comfort layer? Ours says eastern king as well and we are wondering if its too wide. Did you have to tuck the extra width in, or was it cut to 72x80 at the factory and just miss labeled? Any info you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. When we saw the labels we were also confused. So I called the customer service line and was told everything would fit. She then asked if we wanted her to stay on the line while we assembled the bed. Everything did fit. You will really like the bed.