Thursday, June 9, 2016


Currently in Platte City MO (Low 70 Partly Sunny High 91) 

We are wondering if maybe we are cursed. When we started looking at RVs our first dream was a Teton Home. We have to admit that it was probably due to the fact that their was a yearly raffle for a Teton Home paired with a tow vehicle. We never won and before we were ready to buy Teton Homes went out of business. 

Our next favorite was the fifth wheels from Travel Supreme. Before we were ready to buy Travel Supreme went out of business. Are you sensing a pattern?

When we were ready to buy in 2009 we were down to our final 3 candidates; Hitchhiker from NuWa, Mobile Suites from Doubletree and Cameo from Carriage. About this time NuWa was having problems and ceased operations for awhile. We went with a Cameo from Carriage.

Just after 2 year warranty ran out, you guessed it, Carriage went out of business. After 5 years in the Cameo we decided we wanted a slightly larger fifth wheel and our final 2 was NuWa and Lifestyle. NuWa was back in business with a limited number of RVs being made by Peterson Industries which makes the Excel brand. Lifestyle was formed as a division of Evergreen with a lot of Carriage designers and fabricators on board. Before we could make a decision Peterson Industries went out of business. The curse continues. We ended up buying a new Lifestyle.

We just heard that Lifestyle's parent company Evergreen might be going out of business this week. We don't want to cause any more disruptions to the RV manufactures so our current Lifestyle is our last RV. That is unless we win a big prize in the lottery. If that happens expect New Horizon to go out of business shortly thereafter.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I am thinking you might get a job with an RV manufacturer who could send you to the competition to purchase rigs. Then they could end up with a monopoly!

  2. Oh gracious. You two sure do not have the luck of the Irish. But it is a really cute story.

  3. It is amazing how many different RV companies have come and gone.