Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 82 Sunny High 104) 

We recently got personalized license plates, Iowa State Cyclones, from the great State of Texas. Here is a sample from the website. This is not a real plate but ironic isn't it, BB for Bob Baskerville?

Thanks to the efforts of the Alumni Association and a group of alumni, the State of Texas is now offering residents the option to purchase Iowa State University Cyclones license plates. Enough alumni pre-ordered the plates, Bob was one of them, that they were issued and became available in June.

Interestingly, the existence of Iowa State license plates in Texas was recently mentioned in a Supreme Court opinion by Justice Samuel Alito. While sarcastically dissenting in Walker v. Texas, a case about the state’s authority to control what can be printed on license plates, Alito wrote: “As you sat there watching these plates speed by, would you really think that the sentiments reflected in these specialty plates are the views of the State of Texas and not those of the owners of the cars? If you saw Texas plates with the names of the University of Texas’s out-of-state competitors in upcoming games – Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, the University of Oklahoma, Kansas State, Iowa State – would you assume that the State of Texas was officially (and perhaps treasonously) rooting for the Longhorns’ opponents?”

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Cool. I can't believe they have all those B's on them. We will know right away if we are following you two.

  2. Great looking plates! Can't wait to see them on your rig! You guys have too much time on your hands!!!!