Thursday, July 16, 2015


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 81 Sunny High 106) 

A Pizza-Pizza day and we don't mean Little Caesar's (although we like Little Caesar's a lot).

We met Jim and Sandie of 'Where are the Dixon's Today?' blogging fame at Sal's Gilbert Pizza in Gilbert Arizona. We have blogged about this place before and Sal's has been on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. We really like their unique approach to pizza and had to let Jim and Sandie know about this great place. They put toppings on pizza you would not expect but it works, it really does.

Jo got a slice of her favorite baked ziti pizza, yeah baked ziti pasta as a topping.

While Bob got a slice of his favorite the spaghetti and meatball pizza

Bob added a slice of the chicken marsala pizza since it was so highly recommended. It had toppings of chicken, grilled onions, mushrooms and marsala wine sauce.

Jo added a salad. Everything we had was great as usual. Jim and Sandie had a stromboli and a sub sandwich and both liked what they got.

We sat and talked about upcoming medical procedures. Why else would we both be here in the heat in mid-July? Jim has his on the 20th and Jo has hers on the 21st.

The second part of Pizza-Pizza was next and requires a little background. Bob's sister recently sent him a link to the 10 best pizzas in their home state of Iowa. Coming in at No. 4 on that list was 'Happy Joe's Pizza and Ice Cream'.

Happy Joe's is a small midwest chain that lays claim to being the inventor of the taco pizza. Taco pizzas are mostly found in the midwest and consist of refried beans as the tomato sauce replacement topped with meat, cheese, tomatoes, onions and black olives. Lettuce, sour cream, taco chips, and salsa are added after baking. It is really good

While Bob was reminiscing about his many trips to a Happy Joe's and lamenting that Jo has never been to one he finds out that there is a recently opened Happy Joe's location in Gilbert Arizona, the only non-midwest location, about 5 minutes from Sal's. We didn't go there for the Taco Pizza this time, we ordered a Happy Joe's Special to go, a combination of Canadian bacon and sauerkraut. We like unique toppings on our pizzas what can we say? We had a couple of slices for supper and it was as good, or even better, as Bob remembers. Jo also liked this unique pizza. 

While waiting for the pizza we originally planned to take advantage of the ice cream portion of their name but this location is too small to have ice cream. We ordered the pizza to go at 'Happy Joe's Pasta and Wings' and then headed to Udder Delight just down the road for ice cream. Jim and Sandie went with us and we continued our great conversation. We never met these guys until we started RV'ng fulltime and following each others blogs and have only met a few times in person but it is amazing how easy it is to converse with them.

A Pizza-Pizza day in the heat of the valley of the sun.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Such a fantastic time. I offered a bite of my sandwich to Jim last night and he wants to know when we're going back so he can get one. It was one of the best sandwiches I've ever had. Glad your pizza lived up to the memory.

  2. You have us both carving for pizza now. The zita pizza sounds delicious.

    Aren't Sandie and Jim the nicest people.