Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Currently in Tucson AZ (Low 45 Sunny and Nice High 73)

Believe it or not we are still in Tucson at the RV dealership. What has taken the most time has been the moving of our generator from the Cameo to the Lifestyle. We got here last Wednesday before noon and moved the cats, refrigerator and just enough to spend the night in the new Lifestyle. We did our walkthrough after they took the Cameo to take the generator out. We found a few small problems during our walkthrough. Took them the rest of the day to get the generator out. What we did not expect was that it took almost two days to put it in the Lifestyle. That meant we could do no moving and we had to spend Thursday night back in the Cameo. We got the Lifestyle back late Friday afternoon with some work still to be done. They don't work on the weekend plus we had no time to move with one or the other RV gone so we stayed here. They took the Lifestyle to the paint shop yesterday for some touchup and then worked on the other items. We will probably be here again today as they finish up some things. We "HOPE" to be heading back to Goodyear tomorrow. In the mean time some observations:

The stay in our old Cameo was like camping, we had to watch live TV for heaven's sake.

It was nice having the Cameo to put the cats in and we could relax in while they took the Lifestyle.

But it seemed like all we played was the waiting game, got all done in the Cameo that we could and then waited and waited.

Jo thinks she will need a nursing home after this. We both say this is our last move; we will be carried out of the Lifestyle feet first.

Living in it while at the dealership does have the benefit of really testing out all the features, we just found out this morning that the bedroom heat pump doesn't work so we added it to the list.

Sorry no pictures yet, we just found the camera yesterday.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I said the same thing when we moved from the fifth wheel to the motorhome and then what did we do? Went from the motorhome to another fifth wheel. I am sure hoping they get everything done and you get moved and out of there.

  2. Had to laugh about just finding the camera. There's been a lot of that going around. LOL Even though you feel like you're in quicksand, once you break free, you'll start making tracks and have the fun of nesting and making it your own. Hang in there!

  3. It is a good thing to be able to check out all the issues while still at the dealer:)

  4. HAHAHA...be sure to let us know which nursing home Jo goes to so we can send cards. What a hoot.

  5. Oh the excitement of a new home! Enjoy.