Saturday, February 7, 2015


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 48 Sunny High 77) 

It is an annual event here in the Valley of the Sun, an Arizona Republic article on the snowbirds. Some of it is thanks towards the visitors for all the money we bring but some of it is snarky about driving, crowds, etc. There even is the 'complaint' that we always seem to have a smile on our face. We thought we would update and publish our "Snowbird Code of Conduct" in response to this article.

During our stay in the Valley of the Sun we will try to only:

  • drive during the day during the week; leaving rush hour and the weekends to the locals.
  • eat out for breakfast or lunch during the day during the week; leaving evening and weekend meals to the locals. This leaves happy hours to the locals because it is hard to be happier than being retired and living in a nice warm place for the winter. We rarely eat out for supper because we don't like to drive after dark :-)
  • shop at Walmart and Target and grocery stores during the day during the week and never before a big holiday; leaving the evening hours and weekends to the locals for the big crowds and long lines.
  • go to movies during the day during the week; a few times we have been the only people in our movie of choice.
  • sightsee during the day during the week; generally not a problem because the locals never see the sights where they live anyway :-)
And finally, we always have a smile on our face; it is easy in this lifestyle, so what if it is one of their complaints.

We realize that if you are still working and driving in rush hour traffic, waiting in line to eat, suffering long lines at Wal-Mart that the locals need something to complain about. We know with our 'Snowbird Code of Conduct' they are not complaining about us.

We are heading to Tucson on Wednesday to pick up our new rig. We will take a couple of days there moving from one house to the other and then be back in Goodyear for the remainder of our stay here.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. We follow your 'Snowbird Code of Conduct'. Wouldn't have it any other way.

    Safe travels to pick up your new home.

  2. When I worked in Washington DC (right down almost on the Mall) we always complained about the tourists. They drove us crazy because they never looked where they were going because they were too busy gawking and didn't pay any attention to the walk signs. I'm sure that's kind of what it feels like here. But like you, we try to stay out of their way as much as possible. And I know they love our money.