Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Are So DONE With Winter, Part 3

Winter has been a rollercoaster ride for us; from 60 degrees one day to freezing the next to an intermittent furnace problem fixed and then acting up again. The most annoying rollercoaster though has been the water hose that has frozen on a number of occasions. 

After the disaster with the heated hose we went for awhile and all was good. We had a rollercoaster day yesterday with running water first thing then nothing. We feared that it was something we had done, either the heat taped hose or heat taped water faucet. We had an appointment so we had to leave. When we got home we checked the water hose and it was flexible enough to know it was not frozen. We went inside and still no water. We turned on the faucet a little later and it started dribbling and then more and then we had running water. A few minutes later the park custodian knocked on the door and said it was a city water problem.

We cannot tell you the relief we felt, we immediately felt it was something we had done but it turned out to be not our problem. This was the good part of the rollercoaster ride; the bad part was a few minutes later when we no longer had running water. Thinking it was city water again we had no worries, then the knock on the door and we were told our hose had burst.

The hose was not frozen but maybe not thick walled enough to handle the heated tape wrapped around it. So it was off to get a new fresh water hose and more duct tape since the last fiasco or two has depleted our supply. All we need now is a warm day to do the switch.

Have we told you we are so DONE with winter yet?

Till next time,

Bob and Jo



  1. Your water problems just never seem to end. I'd be so done with winter too. ;P

  2. Oh my goodness. Itis always something. Let's hope global warming beings an early spring.

  3. We feel your pain here also. Got up Sunday morning and it was 50 deg in here,it was the regulator on the rental tank.

    We plan to be out of here by next winter:)

  4. Sorry about the water hose. We had that happen while in NC our first year.
    I have added the blog back on the list. I was cleaning up and must have deleted by mistake. Thanks for letting me know.

  5. We've been watching your weather....DRAT! We've had a spell of cold--our water froze in the faucet a week ago, but hot water worked....Not quite the same as what you guys are experiencing! We are "done" with our few days of cold! I feel badly for you... Sending Arizona sunshine your way! Oh, wait! We have rain and cool weather now...you'll have to wait for that sunshine!