Friday, January 4, 2013

We are so DONE With Winter, Part 2

Peculiar MO (Low 22 Plenty of Sunshine High 40)

We are so DONE with winter.

Returning recently from a day of shopping we got a call from the park that our hose had broke and was spraying water everywhere. When we replaced the heated water hose with one of our 25' water hoses with heat tape wrapped around and then covered with pipe foam insulation we knew it should have been a little longer. It had to be pulled to make the connection at the rig and it was rubbing up against our generator exhaust pipe. By the time we were almost finished we were so cold that we decided to wait a couple of days until it was in the 40s to add a short piece of hose to get it away from the exhaust pipe in case we needed to run the generator. 

Turns out the hose had other ideas; with the weight of the water and the heat tape and all the duct tape around the pipe insulation the hose separated from the male connector. The good news is that meant all we needed was a hose mender and a 7 mile drive to Ace Hardware. The bad news is that Bob thought that both of the fresh water hoses that we had were 5/8" so we bought a 5/8" hose mender. Turns out the other hose was 1/2" so it was another 7 mile trip to the hardware store, two hardware stores this time since Ace did not have a hose mender for our sized hose.

After almost 30 miles and three hardware stores we mended the hose and added the short hose extender, wrapped it all it heat tape and then pipe insulation and duct tape.

Did we mention that we are so DONE with winter!!

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Oh you poor thing. I hate to tell you but I think winter has really just begun. If it helps, we are in the Rio Grande Valley in TX and it is only 42 here right now. We have had the heat one since NY day...yuck!

  2. What are you going to do if it get really cold - like below zero? Something to look forward to! Enjoy to rest of your winter stay!

  3. Bob feels your pain. When we were in Fallon, Nevada last winter, even with the heat tape and extra insulation, our water hose burst. Bob re-did the whole thing, with a brand new hose, and fortunately that held.

    So here we are in south Texas where it's supposed to be warm and for the past week, the daytime temperature hasn't moved much past 42 degrees. Brr.