Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why does it always happen on weekends?

We have had a string of adventures from the tires to the ladder and now our refrigerator has quit working. Here it is Saturday and we cannot call Norcold the refrigerator manufacturer or Good Sams for our extended warranty. We won't say it always happens on a weekend or when you can't call anybody but it seems that it happens more often than not.

We are now in Colorado Springs and hopefully we will be here long enough to get the refrigrator fixed but we won't find that out until Monday. We plan to visit Jo's aunt and cousins while we are here. An unexpected treat is that Jo's brother and sister-in-law drove from Overland Park KS to see her and her aunt. We also need to deliver a printer and other supplies to Jo's great niece and her family that we picked up in Joliet from Jo's nephew.

A little bit of dry ice and some food lost and even the trauma of a possible expensive refrigerator repair cannot dampen our enthusiasm for the scenery, family, and great food that we expect in Colorado. We are thankful that we just signed up for an extended warranty.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I have been reading about a string of refrig failure from Norcold. Making me nervous, as that is our brand as well!

  2. We are heading to Kansas City Monday to have either the control board or the cooling unit replaced on our Norcold. We hope its the former, but if it's the latter we'll be grateful for our extended warranty.

    We had a mobile tech look at it while we were in Colorado Springs....but, of course, it was working fine by the time he got there.

    The first thing our tech in Kansas City instructed us to do was to turn the "temp" to "9", then disconnect the thermistor (the wire that runs from the light to the fins in the back of the inside of the fridge) at the the lamp. (It just unplugs.) This puts the fridge in "emergency cooling mode". Give it 24 hours to cool down. If it cools, your cooling unit is working.

    Sometimes, this test will reset the fridge and when you plug the thermistor back in it might work fine. If it doesn't, it's either the thermistor that needs to be replaced (about 20 bucks and an easy tools required) or the control board needs to be checked out and/or replaced.

    It's all worth a try! We've done both tests, replaced the thermistor and it's still not working. We're not sure what needs to be replaced, but we'll find out Monday.

    Good luck! Hope you're cooling soon!

  3. I found the name of the mobile tech we used in Colorado Springs: Ron's Mobile RV Service 719-391-2003.

    Also, Paul reminded me that when you disconnect the thermistor make sure the 4-prong plug is unplugged.

    Happy cooling!