Saturday, May 25, 2019


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 62 A Shower or Two High 86) 

So far this year there has been a couple of events, an Auto Show and a Chili Cookoff. The Auto Show was delayed a week due to rain. Here are the autos lined up on Crawfish Island next to the Guadalupe River with the view from our back window.

It was still a little muddy so we did our viewing from our site.  As you can see we have a great view of the island and the river. We got to see the cars and spectators arrive and then leave.

There also was a chili cookoff to help pay some medical expenses so Bob did his part. This was official Texas chili which means no beans. Bob sampled the five different offerings and the adage that there is no bad chili, there is just some better than others, was true at this event. He was too busy eating to take a picture though. It's great having events within easy walking or in our line of sight. We don't know if there is anymore events planned this year.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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