Friday, September 1, 2017


Currently in North Little Rock AR (Low 67 Warmer with Sun High 84) 

We think lift bridges are neat and have blogged about the Aerial Lift Bridge in Duluth Minnesota and the Portage Lake Lift Bridge in Houghton Michigan. We were surprised to see a lift bridge from our campground.

So we decided to research it further. Turns out that it is the Rock Island Bridge on the Arkansas River Trail, a vertical-lift railroad bridge. Built in 1899 by the Choctaw and Memphis Railroad which was also the year of the first train service utilizing the bridge from Memphis to Oklahoma City. The vertical-lift was added in the early 1970s. The Rock Island Railroad, which owned the bridge at the time, declared bankruptcy in 1980 and the bridge was later acquired by Union Pacific until ownership was transferred to the City of Little Rock in 2001. Rehab of the bridge was completed and opened as a pedestrian bridge in 2011. Here is the bridge in its heyday.

As we mentioned in a previous blog they have added lights.

We really like lift bridges and did not expect to find one here, especially to get such great photos just walking around the campground. 

Looks like Harvey has left the building as far as impacting our travel goes so we are heading to Texas tomorrow.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo