Thursday, January 26, 2017


Currently in Kerrville TX (Low 32 Mostly Sunny High 59) 

We never said the move to Texas for Bob's insurance was going to be easy or fun. When Bob signed up for the HMO insurance he picked a Primary Care at a clinic with multiple doctors in Kerrville Texas. When he got the insurance card there was a different doctor. Unfortunately he thought he was assigned a different doctor in the clinic.

It was not fun when we got to our Monday morning appointments. Turns out the assigned doctor was in Livingston Texas. Bob had to change his Primary Care or pay full price. He first tried the 800 number but calling on a Monday morning was a long process. While on hold he tried to use his phone and the website but the last name was unique enough he could never find the doctor. After an hour he finally talked to customer service and changed. By this time it was too late for his appointment that day and his initial visit was delayed a week.

Jo on the other hand had a great first appointment and liked her doctor.

One more update on the healthcare front involves our cat JJ.

Off and on he has been sneezing and wheezing. We changed his food and he got better so we thought food allergy after it got better. When it came back and persisted we decided to take him to the vet in Kerrville. Turns out he has a respiratory infection and is on antibiotics for a couple of days and is already better.

We'll keep you posted on our healthcare adventures.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo

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  1. An adventure indeed.
    Bella says she is glad JJ is doing better.