Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Currently in Chippewa Falls WI (Low 60 Cloudy with Chance of Rain Currently 67)
Heading to Prior Lake MN (Currently 68 Partly Cloudy High 85) 

The day started out promising. SlideMaster finished the sliding cargo tray and began the installation. This gave us an opportunity to go into Antigo and visit Peroutka's Meat Processing.

Known for beef jerky, hot dogs, and all kinds of sausage, we bought chicken brats, philly steak and cheese brats, hot dogs, snack sticks, etc. Sadly they were out of beef jerky, you almost have to be there when they start selling as it sells out quickly. We got diesel and then lunch at McDonalds and headed back.

We put everything back in the basement area and hooked up and headed to Chippewa Falls. By now it was too late to go to our next intended stop in the Twin Cities area since we would be dealing with rush hour traffic.

It was approximately 130 miles to Chippewa Falls and the Northern Michigan State Fairgrounds. This is the route we took.

The day that started out promising turned sour with the perils of moving your house down the road at 65mph. We have three hanging lights above the island, we had three now we have two.

The end light worked it way free and swung around breaking the light fixture. A couple of the roads we were on were real rough. We had glass everywhere we had to clean up before we could let the cats out of the bedroom. A cute story about the cats and their travel day. It was about 1:30p when we left and the cats just couldn't figure out that we were leaving. Normally we are out by 11a. Usually as soon as Bob gets the bedroom done and the slide put in JJ leads the way with Sandra following shortly thereafter. Tiger sometimes goes up on her own but usually has to be carried. This time JJ and Sandra would have nothing to do with us leaving. We finished everything downstairs and still they weren't moving. We had to coax them with food.

We got here and got the glass cleaned up and the rod threaded back into the bracket and tightened. We now have another thing to add to the checklist. We were rewarded, however, with a pretty good sunset.

We will blog about our new sliding cargo tray later.

We leave today for couple nights in the Twin Cities that will be jam packed with pedicures and haircut and eating out of course.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. How dare you change their routine. They know 1:30 p.m. is no time to be heading anywhere. That's too bad about that light.