Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Currently in Houghton MI (Low 54 Sunny High 78) 

We had an incredible day yesterday; great weather, food and sightseeing. We went to the Copper Country Firefighters History Museum in nearby Calumet Michigan.

Originally the Red Jacket Fire Station built in 1898, the station is typical of the Romanesque architectural style of Calumet's buildings of that era. Constructed of the Lake Superior red sandstone quarried at Jacobsville 25 miles east of Calumet like a lot of buildings in the area including the Catholic church in Houghton we just blogged about. Jim, a retired firefighter, took us on a tour.

There are fire trucks on display.

Hand drawn carts

You know it is snow country when you see a fire sled from 1900 that was horse drawn.

Upstairs were the quarters for the firefighters with the pole visible.

Would you jump out of a fire if this was held below you?

This was a good museum in an incredible building and we recommend you visit if in the area. Before we went to the museum we ate lunch at Carmelita's Southwest Restaurant just a short walk from the museum. We went mainly so Jo could get a thimbleberry maragarita that she last had in 2013 when our friends Bob and Wilma and Jim and Sharon came to Houghton for a visit. 

After we got the food we know that we will be going back not only for the margarita but also for the food. Jo had the fresh fish baja tacos and Bob had the spicy pork burrito with green sauce. Both were excellent.

Finally the weather, this is for all our followers but especially for those in the Kansas City area and the "desert rats" in the valley of the sun in Arizona. Here is the temperature while we were having fun.

We stopped at a grocery store in Calumet which is where that temperature picture was taken. We then came back to the park and sat outside and read until the breeze coming off the Portage River was too cold and we headed inside.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. What in the world is in a thimbleberry margarita?sounds delicious.
    Museum lols like a lot of fun. And NO, I don't want them to catch me with that thing.

    1. Thimbleberry is a berry similar to a raspberry but the seeds are tiny and easily chewable. They grow wild up here and are made into jellies, jams, syrups, pies and yes even margaritas which makes Jo happy.

  2. Love that building. How does the thimble berry compare to the huckleberry? Found a great place for you to try if you come to Helena. No Sweat Cafe. Breakfast and lunch. We had breakfast this morning and if was really really good. Not a typical breakfast. Lots of veggies and everything prepared fresh.