Wednesday, December 9, 2015


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Another year, another adventure in Obamacare for Bob. We added cartoons so people might continue reading because Mike from the "Phannie and Mae" blog says it increases readership.

Bob lost his what he thought was expensive retiree medical coverage because Honeywell said there would multiple choices of cheap individual coverage available under Obamacare. Honeywell must have been drinking the Kool-Aid because it wasn't cheap then and it is getting more expensive and less available.

In his first year of Obamacare Bob went with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas and a PPO plan since we travel year round. After one year under Obamacare BCBS lost so much money that they have dropped all PPO plans. This year there were a lot less plans available and they cost more. Bob signed up with United Healthcare who shortly thereafter announced it was likely that 2016 would be its last year in Obamacare. Furthermore they stated they regretted getting involved at all. Obama got what he wanted, bipartisan support.

More cartoons

A couple timely with Christmas and Putin.

Finally this is how Bob feels, and he has a few more years before Medicare.

Who thought you would be looking forward to Medicare. It's not all negative with Obama as he has accomplished a couple of things that we will give him credit for. Jimmy Carter is no longer the worst President and Medicare is looked upon more favorably. Thankfully Bob can no longer say that he voted for the worst President twice.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. One of the main reasons I hung on at the IRS for so many years was so that we could have health coverage when I retired. Best decision I ever made. Sorry it is such a nightmare for you guys.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, guys! I LOVED the cartoons! We are truly of like minds. Hope to run into you one of these days (maybe Blogfest in Quartzsite in January?)I never miss your posts. Cheers, y'all!

  3. Sorry that you decided to crossover and put politics in your blog. I get enough hate emails about the President of the United States and enough hate here in Texas to fill my day. I sure don't want to read about it in my daily blogging.

  4. Maybe we all need to go cross the border of Mexico and come back pretending we are from a Muslim Country and then we can get all the best health care, food, housing, collage, free airplane flights etc we could possibly want. BO just gave each of them a gift of $1000.00! We live only on a small SSI and the BO did not give us one cent for living increases. We many times have to decide whether to eat or get our much needed meds. And Congress did NOTHING to help us either. And I wonder why we are sick and tired of listening to ANY OF THEM!? Just saying.......

  5. It seems that the Affordable Care Act is like a horror movie, the next scene is always worse than the one before it:(