Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 42 Partly Cloudy High 63) 

We blogged earlier about Sandra, aka "The Cutest Cat Ever"

who now has a new nickname, "The Great Organizer". She has to be involved in everything that goes on in her home. You can imagine she has been real busy while her staff has been getting organized. She was in rare form while we were working on the storage behind our 50" television. The amount of storage there is amazing. 

Here is the TV pulled out on its mounting bracket to get at the storage area. JJ is also there to make sure we do it right.

Notice the blue tape around the round holes. 

We put it there so Sandra wouldn't go thru it. Long time readers will recall that she wedged her way into the much smaller hole cutout for the LP detector when Bob was replacing it. We had to help her get out. Well the blue tape did not work.

At least this time she was able to get herself back out.

We finally have most of the stuff in the Lifestyle organized thanks to Sandra and JJ. You don't see them here but they made sure Bob hung the hanger for the Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner and the fire extinguisher in the closet correctly.

A lot of the storage is the same as our Cameo so that helped. We did use this time to get rid of some stuff that we haven't used in 5 years. We hope to finish in a couple of days and then start having some fun again.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Don't you just love cats? They are either totally involved or sleeping. Good story and photos.

  2. We were wondering what you two have been up to. Isn't it so nice to have an extra pair of paws...hehe