Saturday, January 3, 2015


Currently in Goodyear AZ (Low 28 Sunny High 58) 

As previously mentioned we have had a lot of changes lately. One of those was a new computer and a new operating system. We have been leery of Windows 8 for awhile but our old laptop was on its last legs so we figured it was time. We got a Yoga laptop/tablet with Windows 8.1. The Yoga is a fold-able device 

that can be a laptop.

A tablet

In stand mode.

For the most part we are impressed with the Yoga. Bob uses it in desktop mode in the morning for blog, email, etc. Then at night while watching TV it is in tablet mode. Windows 8 has not been as bad as we thought although there a few quirks that require a restart but the machine is so fast that doesn't matter much. The virus scanning now takes minutes instead of hours. What we use the Yoga for (Chrome Browser, Quicken, Outlook) it seems like we are in the earlier Windows mode a lot more than Windows 8. The Windows 8 screen has a button to get you into this earlier Windows mode at a click. Plus you can add the above programs to the Windows mode start screen or the Windows mode taskbar. Here is that look and feel on our new Yoga.

With a fully featured browser there is not the need for a lot of apps like you would in an android device. It was one of the easiest transitions from one computer to another that we have had in a long time.

Till next time

Bob and Jo

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  1. I have a a Windows 8 for awhile, still not crazy about it, but have learned to live with it.