Saturday, April 26, 2014


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Continuing our tour of the Hearst Castle that began with the Grand Rooms Tour. The Upstairs Suites Tour of the Hearst Castle includes areas that guests never saw but we got to see. Every area inside and outside is picturesque, here we are waiting for the tour to begin.

We begin with the Doge's Suite, to stay in this suite amongst all the other lodging meant that you had arrived according to one guest. The suite was broken up into three main areas; men's bedroom, sitting area, women's bedroom. Here is the men's bedroom, note both the ceiling and the Madonna above the fireplace, continuing those themes throughout the house.

Here is the sitting area.

The women's bedroom.

There were also guest bedrooms, here is one of the many guest bedrooms.

Great views as you walk along the upper level.

As you walk to the library in the hallway the paneling is choir chairs with the chairs removed.

The library is impressive.

Then it is off to the third floor, the private residence of William Randolph Hearst that no guests ever saw. Here is his closet.

His bedroom.

A Madonna in his bedroom.

His significant other was the actress Marion Davis. Here is her closet.

Her bedroom.

Then it was off to his study, where he conducted business while there. This was his spot, not even Marion intruded here.

We end with a very interesting story. Throughout the construction the design of the Castle changed. When Hearst decided he needed more guest bedrooms the architect Julia Morgan created these two story bedrooms with a bathroom and a bedroom loft above the sitting area out of what originally was open light wells. Here is the bedroom.

Taken from the sitting area back to the loft bedroom.

The bathroom in the duplex bedroom. Hearst had two major requirements when building and designing the house; electricity and indoor plumbing. The bathrooms were all modern even though built in 1919.

This concludes your Upper Suites Tour. Next entry will be our self guided tour of the Neptune Pool, the grounds, the Roman Pool, etc.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. It looks like you are now allowed to take pictures of the inside. When we were there a few years ago no photos were allowed inside. Quite an impressive place to visit.