Friday, March 28, 2014


Goodyear AZ (Low 49 Sunny High 80) 

Blogging funk :-( We've been doing more than we blogged about but it seems like the blogging has not flowed like it usually does. Let's hope that a change in scenery will help.

Where did the time go? We cannot believe how fast the last couple of weeks have gone, we swear we had another week to prepare for our departure. 

More mechanical issues :-( But just when we thought we were leaving we noticed a leak on our hydraulic automatic levelers and then our awning quit working. We will get these things looked at fixed as fast as possible and then head out, hopefully towards the end of next week.

NCAA Tourney! Here is an update on the NCAA tourney and Bob's bracket.

As mentioned before he went 13-3 on the first day and then 11-5 on the second, feeling pretty good about his bracket. When the Round of 32 finished he picked 10 of the 16 winners correctly. His Final 4 is still intact so we shall see how it goes in the Sweet 16. Speaking of the Sweet 16 Iowa State overcame an injury to one of their best players at the end of the first game and beat North Carolina on Sunday in one of the best games of the tourney so far to advance to the Sweet 16 against UConn. That game is later today. It has been a great tourney with a lot of exciting games.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Not sure why but it seems like some kind of problem just has to show up when we're getting ready to head out. Seems to be part of the pattern. Don't even know who's playing but it sounds like you're doing pretty good with your picks.

  2. are still in the final four! Paul and I only have the two MI teams in it. We were glad to see Wisconsin win...Go Big 10!