Saturday, February 8, 2014


Goodyear AZ (Low 42 Sunny High 71)

Ever had one of those days when nothing seemed to go right? Well Z Tejas Southwestern Grill in Phoenix recently had one of those days, or was it Bob having one of those days?

We had wanted to eat there for awhile after getting a to go menu while visiting Texaz Grill for some great chicken fried steak. Bob wanted to try a smoked chicken chile relleno and Jo wanted to try a wild mushroom enchilada. 

When our food arrived Bob tried to break off a corner and it felt like he was hitting the plate instead of the entree. Using a serrated knife he was barely able to cut through. No problem they will make another, besides Jo's wild mushroom enchilada was very good and their corn bread is also excellent :-)

The manager came by and was all apologetic and offered something to eat while Bob's new entree was cooking, probably to save some food for Jo. The smoked chicken chorizo soup sounded good and it was. The new entree arrived shortly thereafter and it was really good, but then, you just knew there was a but coming didn't ya? Bob saw what looked like the stem of the chile on his plate but it was not the stem it was a chicken bone. They smoke and hand pick the chicken there so both the waitress and the manager were very apologetic again. Luckily it was a big enough piece that it never got to the mouth or became a choking hazard.

We finished the rest of the meal and asked for to go containers and Bob's drink in a to go cup. Guess what happens next, they were all out of lids for the to go cups. We bring this up not to condemn Z Tejas but to compliment them. When you eat out as much as we do there is going to be problems, how the place handles the problem is what you are looking for. The waitress did not hesitate to let the manager know when the problems occurred. The manager was very attentive after that even offering a free cup of soup while Bob waited. When it came time to pay both of our meals were free. We made sure to tip the waitress for the full value of the meals and told her we would not hesitate to eat there again. The food was excellent and when problems surfaced they were handled correctly.

So if you are ever in Arizona, California, Utah or Texas give Z Tejas a chance, you won't be disappointed.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Now THAT'S what I call Customer Service..... sure, things go wrong, but it's when they make it right that makes the difference. Sounds like a lot of places could take a lesson fro this place.

  2. Always nice when the place does what's right. I got a chicken enchilada at a local Mexican restaurant once, rather than the cheese I had ordered. When I told the waiter he said I got what I ordered because, he said (holding his order pad and pen in hand), "My pen don't lie." Needless to sayI walked out and have never been back and have told lots of people about this incident. No excuse for that!