Monday, December 2, 2013


Willcox AZ (Low 30 Partly Sunny)
Goodyear AZ ( Partly Sunny High 72)

We try to avoid doing too much on Saturdays since we like to leave Saturdays to the locals. But we have done so little sightseeing lately we just decided to give it a try.

After breakfast and showers we were ready for lunch. We decided on Big Tex BBQ

But when we got there it was closed for remodeling. So instead of there, and instead of where the locals eat, we decided to eat where the truckers eats, Country Pride Restaurant in the Travel America TravelCenter. Turns out a lot of locals eat there because the place was packed. The food was really good, Jo got the chicken and dumplings and Bob got a chicken breakfast with a whole green chile on the top. We also checked out Apple Annie's Country Store which is in the old Stout Cider Mill location. Never had the pies before but Annie's apple cranberry pie is sure good.

After that we decided to head to the Rex Allen Museum

Guess what it was closed too. Not to be deterred, and since it was a short walk we walked to the Friends of Marty Robbins Museum and it was closed due to a family illness.

In our defense all these places should have been opened on Saturday. It wasn't a total bust though, we walked through the oldest continually operating store in Arizona that had a neat display on the history of Willcox. We then walked to the Rex Allen statue.

By this time some reenactors were putting on a gunfight show.

We then heard about not really a gunfight, more like bringing a knife to a gunfight story. Warren Earp was killed in Willcox in 1900, he brought the knife. Warren was the younger brother of Wyatt Earp. Since we have been to Tombstone, and to the Earp's boyhood home in Pella Iowa we decided to try and find Warren's grave in the historic Old City Cemetery.

It took us some walking around but we did find it.

Although not the day we had planned it was still another day fulltiming and visiting the sites in this great country of ours.

We are off to Goodyear today to our winter home for the next few months. Should be great weather when we get there with highs in the low 70s for a couple of days. But it looks like the BWE is in effect later in the week with temperatures in the 40s.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I cannot believe you're bringing this cold weather with you. Take it away!!! We made it to the Rex Allen Museum and the BBQ place when we were there. But there wasn't any reenactment. How very very sad that we missed that.

  2. Glad you two don't get discouraged easily.

    Houston is going to get hit again with rain and low!

  3. I remember Wilcox as not very exciting but did visit a small museum that was recommended bu someone who grew up in the area.

  4. Well at least they don't close cemeteries. Near our homestead there is a TA plaza with a ham steak that covers the plate.