Thursday, August 15, 2013


Houghton MI (Low 45 Sunny and Pleasant High 74)

We recently visited White City Park where the Portage River meets Lake Superior on the east side of the Upper Peninsula.

Here is a sailboat on the Portage River getting ready to head out. The blue water is really neat.

Some fishermen are coming back from Lake Superior.

Of course there had to be a lighthouse, notice how the water on the Lake Superior side of the breakwater is much rougher than the Portage River side. The lighthouse, and this is a mouthful, is officially called the Portage River Entry (Keweenaw Waterway Lower Entrance) Lighthouse.

This park has a nice beach on the lake although it was probably a little too cold for most swimmers.

There were some shorebirds on the breakwater on the way to the lighthouse.

The lighthouse from closer on the breakwater. As you can tell it was windy and a little brisk on the breakwater and the waves crashing sprayed a lot of water. We really like lighthouses and try to get photos of them, and visit them when we can.

Walking back from the lighthouse you can see the difference in the water on the lake side versus the river side.

After the lighthouse we drove by the Finnish Lutheran Church, which was built in 1888-1892. It is one of the oldest remaining structures in the surrounding area and retains its original furnishings, kerosene lamps and woodstove. It has neither electricity or plumbing but is still used in the summer for Vesper service. We would have loved to have seen the inside but it was not open. Still neat to see though.

Another great day in the UP.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Amazing the difference between the lake water and the river water. I, also, love those old churches and lighthouses. Lighthouses we don't see too often because we don't get out to the coast much so it's fun to see yours.

  2. Visiting lighthouses is a favorite of ours. Great pics:)