Monday, May 21, 2012

Added new gadget - Bob's State Maps

We have sold our soul to Google, there we admitted it!! We have an android phone and tablet, we use Google's Blogger, Google Docs, Google Maps, GMail etc. As mentioned in the posting on desktop/laptop vs tablets Bob keeps track of things to see and places to eat in both Google Docs and Google Maps but quickly ran into a limit of 200 items on one Google Map. Bob likes to look at a state map while planning our travels and if there are a lot of markers he may adjust our trip. If there was more than 200 items on a map you had to advance the page which made it difficult to remember which maps had more than 200. The first workaround was to have multiple maps like Arizona - 1st 200 and Arizona - 2nd 200. This wasn't ideal so Bob kept looking for an alternative.

He found one with that solves the 200 limit. So Bob is now working on adding the states, starting first with the ones that we will be visiting next. The gadget is located on the left of our blog towards the bottom below our Followers and above the list of blogs that we follow, showing here:

Eventually all the states will be a channel on We thought it might be interesting for our readers to see what info Bob has collected. The neat thing about the interface is once you launch the map in the upper right corner you can enter a location, say Idaho Falls on the Idaho map, and it will zoom to that location. You can mouseover any marker and see what that marker is. There is a reset button just below that if you would like to see the entire State again. The neat thing for the map generator is that you can add entries to Google Maps to your hearts content and all will end up on the same map. Also a daily feed can be set up so changes made will be no more than a day old.

Over time we will be adding more google maps to mapchannels. We would welcome any favorite spots to add to a map that we have missed.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. Gotta love all the effort you put in your blog. And thanks for the Mapchannels tip!

  2. My head is swimming with info! Sounds great--got to spend some time processing it...! You guys are way uptown!!!!

  3. What will we ever do if Google crashes?? Don't have a smart phone but it looks like a helpful app.

  4. We love Google too ~ I use Google Zeemaps for keeping track of our campgrounds...Love Google anything!!! We are definately Foodies too!!! lol lol
    Have fun & Travel safe