Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sure does not feel like winter

We arrived in our spot for the winter, Destiny RV Resort in Goodyear Arizona on Tuesday November 1st.

It felt like home as we were pulling into the park. The sunshine was nice when we got here but the temperature was in the mid 80's with a forecast of 5 more days 80 or above which sure does not feel like winter to us. We left from near Winslow and if you recall a previous post it has the nickname 'Windsblow' and today was no exception. The forecast called for 74 mile an hour wind gusts but that was later in the day. We got up earlier than normal and got out of there  pretty fast. There is always wind around 'Windsblow' and Flagstaff but we handled it OK and we were way past both these locations before the wind got too strong.

We plan to be here until at least March 1st enjoying the good weather; once it cools down to our new normal winter temperature of 70 degrees.

We are a little behind on our blogging so now we can catch up now that we will be in one spot for awhile.

Till next time,

Bob and Jo


  1. I will be interested to read why this spot is special to you. (besides thee lovely temperatures) :)

  2. I sure want to avoid any driving in over 70 MPH winds. Enjoy your winter spot:)